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Sep 27 2017

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ERP Software Systems Solutions For Distributors Manufacturers

One Company.
One ERP Solution.

One Company. One ERP Solution.

Discover TGI’s Enterprise 21 ERP Software.

TGI is an ERP software solutions provider for small and mid-market manufacturing and distribution companies. Our award-winning Enterprise 21 ERP software is a web-based ERP system designed and built from the ground up as a fully-integrated ERP software solution with little or no need for third-party add-on’s, bolt-on’s, or separate modules at a separate cost, providing one of the most scalable, functionally-rich ERP solutions on the market today. Our exclusive focus is on the development, sale, implementation, and support of Enterprise 21 ERP. With superior ERP software functionality and a proven ERP implementation methodology, we deliver software and service offerings that are truly unique in the ERP software industry.

The TGI Difference

The Enterprise 21 ERP software system is developed, sold, implemented, and supported exclusively by TGI. With a unique business philosophy that focuses on our customers seeing us as their strategic business partner, we are able to provide a single source for all ERP software and service needs. From one year of free ERP software maintenance and industry-leading direct developer customer support, to one of the industry’s only software acceptance periods and the complete ERP software system source code included at no additional cost, we are able to provide our customers with an ERP solution and software services at lower total costs of ownership for a competitive business advantage.

Enterprise 21 ERP

The Enterprise 21 ERP software system is a fully-integrated ERP solution for manufacturers and distributors. Delivering complete order management, inventory management, warehouse management, manufacturing, forecasting and planning, purchasing, finance and accounting, CRM, business intelligence and reporting, EDI, and e-Commerce, TGI’s Enterprise 21 ERP software is truly an all-inclusive, end-to-end ERP software solution.

Product Demonstrations

Explore the Enterprise 21 ERP software system by viewing a number of online product demonstrations in TGI’s online resources library. You can also request a personalized demonstration of the Enterprise 21 ERP software solution for you and your ERP selection team.

Customer Case Studies

TGI’s Enterprise 21 ERP software is an ideal ERP solution for small and mid-market manufacturers and distributors across a variety of industries. From reduced inventory levels and improved access to real-time business information, to deploying a fully-automated, paperless warehouse, TGI customers have been able to achieve greater operational efficiencies, reduced costs, and improved bottom-line business performance as a result of their Enterprise 21 ERP software implementation.

Software Selection

The key to finding the right ERP software system begins with engaging in a thorough, quantitative ERP selection process. At TGI, we do not believe “selling” our new business prospects software; rather, we believe in demonstrating the Enterprise 21 ERP solution and identifying to our prospects how our ERP software can meet (or potentially not meet) each of their unique business requirements. In keeping with this simple approach, we offer a variety of tools to assist our prospects in evaluating various ERP solutions, all designed to help find the best ERP software system and ERP vendor for their respective businesses.

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